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Kirk J. Swanson CPA has been the choice for professional CPA services for businesses in the Minneapolis, MN area for years. Clients have come to trust us for providing expert services at affordable prices.

A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a highly educated and trained professional that passes an arduous industry examination. Not many people outside of the accounting profession realize that this examination is only passed by 10% of the accounting profession. Most examinees give up after flunking it the first time.

The examination itself is given by the American Institute of Public Accountancy, or AICPA. Having a professional with this designation on your management team, or as an independent consultant, will save you time, money, and frustration!

As your CPA, we can maintain your record keeping in compliance with governmental rules and regulations. Did you know that failure to maintain adequate and proper record keeping can result in punitive damages including fines, penalties, liens, levies, and possible business closure? We know how to keep you out of trouble with all types of governmental entities.

Be assured that we utilize only the best accounting software programs to optimize your CPA experience. As anyone in the accounting world understands, good record keeping depends on a competent, efficient, and well-run accounting software program. You can count on us!

Turn to us as your CPA consultant. We can analyze your company operations and find ways to cut costs, optimize production, and enhance revenue streams. A reputable consultant plays an invaluable role in a firm's overall success. You will be amazed by our reasonable costs!

Find out why the cost of a CPA in the Minneapolis, MN area is well worth the business expense by contacting Kirk J. Swanson CPA now.

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