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Kirk J. Swanson CPA handles accounting subjects that other competitors in the Minneapolis, MN area may avoid. It is important to know that not every accounting firm handles commercial accounting. Commercial accounting concentrates on industry accounting. It involves a specialized body of rules and regulations not seen in the individual accounting realm.

Letting a CPA handle your firm's accounting needs provides a number of benefits over non-certified professionals. We can help your firm prepare lease packages, complete efficiently detailed and viable loan applications, supplementary schedules, financial reports, and operational information. Operational information can include job descriptions, confidentiality agreements, accounting records access, and other data.

We can provide an independent audit of your firm's financial statements. This independence is crucial for companies wanting to obtain additional financing for a variety of purposes ranging from business expansion, machinery and plant investments, to lines of credit. We also provide management representation engagements for other situations.

A CPA can represent clients in front of the Internal Revenue Service. Many clients receive audit letters that are intended to terrorize. Working in the accounting capacity known as IRS Representation, you can count on us to minimize any damage this governmental agency is trying to provoke. We are specially trained and current in tax rules and regulations.

If your business has received an IRS notice that you disagree with, our accounting professional services firm knows how to prepare effective IRS Appeals packages that win. This is no small task. Just ask us how we can help!

With so many reasons to hire a CPA as your trusted accounting source in the Minneapolis, MN area, why not choose the best by discussing your needs with Kirk J. Swanson CPA? Call today.

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